Reviews on how pokemon operate in rain and a social community. Welcome :]
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 Zebstrika -- Rainy day Review --

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Zebstrika -- Rainy day Review -- Empty
PostSubject: Zebstrika -- Rainy day Review --   Zebstrika -- Rainy day Review -- EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 1:09 am

Zebstrika -- Rainy day Review -- 523

It's an electric type, meaning STAB Thunder is going to come into play somewhere, although it's naturally used physically more... lets check this Zebra out.


Zebstrika (M) @ Life Orb

Trait: Motor Drive

EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

- Thunder
- Volt Switch
- Hidden Power [Water]
- Substitute

Oh wow.. Horrible special movepool, and he loses Overheat in the rain, ouch. But he gains Thunder!
Thunder is STAB, and rain acc boosted. Volt Switch is for scouting, while HP Water gets the rain boost ( Blah blah blah,, ) and Substitute is just there, because this thing has THAT bad of a movepool. That's all I could find.


Zebstrika (M) @ Life Orb

Trait: Sap Sipper

EVs: 228 Atk / 252 SAtk / 28 Spd

Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)

- Thunder
- Double Kick
- Hidden Power [Water]
- Frustration

Oh.. a little bit better, I'll give it that.

Thunder is STAB, and rain acc, at least he still has that for himself. Double Kick is his new found physical coverage, that can break subs, Sap Sipper can boost that up a bit as well, Frustration gives neutral coverage, and HP Water is powered up in the rain.
Oh yeah, Frustration is what you get when trying to use this piece of crap in the rain.

Overall, he gets... well, he still sucks in the rain. STAB Thunder, HP Water, that's really all. And His special attack is just plain too pathetic to boost up very high, so Thunder doesn't benefit him THAT much.

Rating for the rain - 4/10
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Zebstrika -- Rainy day Review --
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